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How to Maintaining Customer Loyality

Basically the purpose of a business is to create satisfied customers. The creation of customer satisfaction can provide several benefits, including the relationship between the company and its customers to be harmonious, providing a good basis for repurchasing and creating customer satisfaction, and word-of-mouth recommendations that benefit the company. All companies certainly want to exist and become superior.

To stay in the business world, a company must be able to set the right strategies and techniques. An important step to place a service company to be superior is one of which must be able to provide quality services. Companies are required to continue to make improvements, especially on the quality of service. Service quality can be interpreted as an effort to meet the needs and desires of customers and the accuracy of delivery in offsetting customer expectations.

It’s just that today’s highly competitive business competition makes every company required to be able to adjust, read and see the situation in order to be able to properly manage its management functions, starting from the fields of production, marketing, personnel, to finance so that they are able to superior to its competitors.

In the business world, customers are likened to a king who must be served, but this does not mean giving up everything to customers. Efforts to satisfy customer needs must be done profitably or in a “win-win situation”, a condition in which both parties feel happy or no one is harmed. Customer satisfaction is a very valuable thing to maintain the existence of these customers to keep a business or business running. Therefore, customers both large and small greatly influence the survival of the company, especially those engaged in the culinary or catering sector, because for catering services companies, customers are a source of income.

The more customers, the greater the income that can be achieved by the company, on the contrary the fewer customers, the less revenue the company can achieve. By understanding the needs, desires and requests of customers, it will provide important input for companies to design marketing strategies in order to create satisfaction for their customers.

Building customer loyalty requires a strong effort from the company to continue to provide the best quality in every product and service, so that a strong perception of quality is formed in the minds of customers. Customer loyalty is a picture of a customer’s commitment to doing business with an organization, by buying goods and services repeatedly, and recommending services and products to friends or groups.

So, what ways can be used to maintain the catering business in Bekasi? This can be well listened to considering that currently there are many cheap Bekasi wedding catering packages issued by catering businesses as one of the slogans in promoting.

1.    Create Product Quality
Creating true product quality is certainly a demand for all catering businesses if they still want to survive the tightening of business competition. Product quality can be achieved by processing food according to taste and the tongue of consumers, besides the quality of the product produced must be in accordance with what is conveyed when doing promotions.

2.    Provide Special Attention
Give special attention to consumers, for example, ask how the customer is or give special attention before and after making a transaction.

3.    Symbiosis of Mutualism
You better as a producer not only to your own advantage because customers are now getting smarter in choosing the products they will buy. It’s a good idea to establish a good relationship with your customers by providing benefits to each other.

4.    Offering Attractive Products
Like other shopping centers that offer interesting programs such as membership cards or others. You can also offer membership cards to your customers. Give offers such as discounts and certain bonuses if the consumer has the membership card.

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